Ganesh Himal Trekking Guidebook
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Ganesh Himal is sure to be the next sought-after destination along the Great Himalaya Trail trekking route.

Although visible from the rooftops of Kathmandu, the Ganesh Himal massif is surprisingly remote. Named after the Hindu god of good fortune, the Ganesh - Ruby Valley - region is home to an enticing treasure trove of trails and mysterious deep canyons. From the Pangsang La pass, one of the most overwhelming panoramas of the entire Nepalese Himalaya unfolds. With enchanting forests, an amazing wealth of cultural attractions, centuries-old traditions and the colourful blend of Gurung and Tamang people, the gods have bestowed great favour on the region. Add in the superb attractions of the Tamang Heritage Trail and the mix is as intoxicating as the dreams of those seeking the riches of Ganesh himself. 

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